mcT Visione e Tracciabilità - Conference and Exhibition on Vision tools and traceability is an event, now in its eleventh edition, which combines an exhibition with vocational training for professional qualification.

Qualified delegates have access to:

  • An exhibition with industry leaders
  • A rich agenda of conferences and workshops
  • Free coffee-break and buffet
  • All proceedings to be downloaded after the event
  • Credits and certificates of attendance

Featured in the previuous edition

Matrix Vision

Novità di prodotto:
mvBlueGEMINI:SmartCamera di nuova Generazione
Integrazione Sensori Sony IMX 3.2, 5.1, 8.9 e 12MPixel
mvBlueCOUGAR-X/XD: Telecamere industriali Gbit Ethernet
mvBlueFOX3: Telecamere industriali USB 3.0
mvBlueFOX-IGC/MLC: Telecamere USB 2.0
mvBlueLYNX-X: Telecamere Intelligenti
For over 30 years MATRIX VISION manufactures high-quality cameras and customized solutions for machine-vision, industrial imaging, medical and traffic applications. Product range includes digital and intelligent cameras such as USB 3.0 Vision, GigE Vision, 3D and smart cameras. The latest product, the smart camera mvBlueGEMINI, offers toolbox technology for intuitive application development without image processing knowledge – the ultimate camera for beginners and professionals alike.